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Just as your own skin needs oils (lotions) to maintain its soft, smooth appearance so does your natural leather and suede garment. Over time your suedes and leathers dry and loose their natural oils. Part of the TLC professional cleaning process is to re-oil skins to revive the softness.

A second step to the revitalization process is the re-staining / re-dying of most suede and leather garments. Through regular wear and part of the cleaning process some of the original dye colour will be lost. TLC Cleaners hand mixes each dye to achieve the closest colour match possible. (always remember to clean coordinate pieces together to insure exact colour match).

The final procedure includes "shower proofing" of each garment. This coating will help prevent future stains (body oils, food, rain marks) from setting deep into the skin causing permanent damage.

With regular wear most suede and leathers need to be cleaned once every couple of years to remove soil build up and revive oils lost in wear. TLC's professional leather cleaning method ensures your suede and leathers will last you a lifetime.

It is important to note that stains on Suede and leathers, unlike on cloth, can re dye or chemically bind to the hide and therefore can not always be safely removed as readily as on cloth garments. Dying will not mask most stains that can not be removed, leathers hardened by age or fading due to oxidized colour loss. Returning your Suede and Leather garments to it's original colour therefore can not be guaranteed. What is guaranteed is that we will do our best but we can not turn back time!

We are DT Dinner Television's Official Leather Cleaners

Our Leather Cleaning and Repair Prices

Check out our price list by clicking on the pdf link below. Please keep in mind that this is an informational price guide only, and actual prices may be different. We are happy to quote the exact pricing for any garment before processing your order.
Leather Price List Edmonton

Free Pick Up and Delivery Valet Service

The Press Gallery offers free Suede and Leather apparel pick up and delivery everywhere in Greater Edmonton, including St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Spruce Grove and Stony Plain. Our drivers pick up and deliver in these areas twice a week. Call now to book your free Suede and Leather apparel pickup.

Email us or call us to schedule a pickup today or 780-497-7377
Please provide us your address and phone number, and include the new customer form (available below) with your first order.

Leather Cleaning Pickup FormFree pick-up and delivery valet form - PDF

Below is an interactive map with all the locations for which we offer pick-up and delivery service. Click on the map to see your pickup days.

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Suede & Leather Repair Edmonton

suede leather repair edmontonDamaged Leather
Has your leather jacket or handbag lost its original colour and shine? If yes, then we can bring back the original colour by replacing the natural oils that have faded over time. Alternatively if a ground in or aged stain cannot be removed or the hide is too worn in an area,  we can do a panel replacement. Sometimes it may be difficult to match the exact material but we are known to surpass expectations.
Repairing Lining
One of our specialties is repairing and replacing linings. We can replace linings on jackets, handbags, vests, skirts, motorcycle gear and anything in between.
Our leather tailors can perform incredible alterations on items that have become too small or too big. If your favourite leather jacket is not long enough, if your purse strap is too long or if you would like to remove a piece that you do not like we can fix it.
Rips, Tears & Scratches
If you happen to tear your leather we  can often do a cosmetic repair to tears and scratches, however it may not always turn out like new,  so we can also replace the ripped piece with a new one. Sometimes it may be difficult to match the exact material but we are known to surpass expectations.

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