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LeatherFiguring out what kind of leather we are dealing with is always the first step for a professional leather cleaner. If you use the wrong leather cleaner you could severely damage the leather product including discoloration and fading. At Love Your Leather we are very experienced and knowledgeable about leather and identifying the type of leather is no problem. If you are unsure about cleaning your own leather garments please consult us for affordable leather cleaning services. Fro more info check out our leather cleaning website. We have 2 locations – leather cleaning Edmonton (this is our leather cleaning facility in Edmonton Alberta Canada) and we have another 10,000 sq foot leather cleaning facility in Toronto Ontario Canada – www.// We also specialize in cleaning handbags and purses so you can check out our Love Your Purse brand at Purse Cleaning Edmonton or for our Greater Toronto Area location check out The two most common types of leather we deal with are finished and unfinished leather. Finished leather is leather with a protective coating layer on it and unfinished leather is raw leather with no protection. Secondly, you should take a close look at the stain involved and try to notice if the stain has been absorbed by the leather or if it is just on the surface, dirt and stains on the surface are easy to clean with the right stuff but a soiled leather is like trying to scrub a beauty off your face. Vehicle leather is well protected and is usually cleanable but a lot of the time furniture leather or clothing is unprotected so you should verify first before cleaning.

You should use a surfactant cleaner that will stay on the surface and lift any stains or dirt from the surface. Then you should apply a degreaser to remove oils and greasy substances from the leather. You can sometimes find special cleaning agents that are surfactants and degreasers. The only problem with the mixture of these two is that the PH balance is too strong for leather so make sure that the solution clearly states that it is for leather so then you know that the PH balance has been adjusted to not tarnish leather products.

Now that you understand what makes a quality leather cleaner you need to know how to apply it. The best possible answer to that question is an exfoliating glove. You need something that can gently agitate the surface of the leather without scratching it. Its gentle abrasive features also lift away grease and oils as you rub with your fingers.

Once you have cleaned the surface oils and dirt you can now gently remove all the chemical solution that you used to clean the leather with a micro-fiber towel. A micro-fiber towel is lint free and will absorb all moisture and foamy residue.

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1 (877) 588-8784 Get Instant Quote
1 (877) 588-8784 Get Instant Quote