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Leather Cleaning & Repair Services

Servicing Toronto & Southern Ontario

At Love Your Leather, we provide professional leather cleaning, repair, and restoration services.

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Jacket And Coat Dry Cleaning Toronto

Jacket and Coat Dry Cleaning

At Love Your Leather we offer jackets and coats dry cleaning services as well as leather jacket repairs. We additionally dry clean leather, suede, and sheepskin jackets and coats.

We can also dry clean full fabric jackets and coats with trim or panels, athletic jackets with suede or leather sleeves, and fur jackets and coats.

We specialize in Designer Coat Cleaning including Canada Goose Coat Cleaning, Mackage Coat Cleaning, Arctic North Coat Cleaning, Rudsak Coat Cleaning, Moose Knuckles Coat Cleaning.

Our cleaning and repair procedures are gentle to all fabrics and materials, ensuring no damage, fading, or shrinking occurs. Your jackets and coats are in good hands.

Leather Repair Services

We have established a reputation for professional leather repair services across Canada. If you have a coat, jacket, or handbag requiring zipper repair or a change of buckle, bring it over to us. We have a vast inventory and can find you a replacement that matches the original or is even better!

Our leather jacket repairs are among the finest in the country. One of our specialists will personally consult with you to take you through all the possible options and find the best way to repair your garment while retaining its original style and finish.

Leather Repair Services Toronto
Leather Alteration Services in Toronto

Leather Alteration Services

Have a favourite jacket or handbag that has lost its original look but not its place in your heart? We understand! Bring us your piece and we’ll show you how we can transform your favourite leather by testing a small area.

Our tailors can alter leather items that have become too big, small, long or short. We offer  exceptional attention to detail, ensuring that the final result does not look like a ‘repair job.’ In fact, we’ve even been known to not just restore pieces to their former glory but improve it. 

With the largest leather dyeing facility in Canada, we can also re-dye, re-finish and glaze your leather, suede, fur or trim by carefully blending pigments and finishes.

Regular Dry Cleaning Services

Love Your Leather is equipped to clean or repair the following items of clothing:

We’ll also hand clean and press your shirts as necessary. There’s very little our cleaning and repair experts can’t do!

regular dry cleaning services in toronto
Purse And Handbag Cleaning Repair Toronto

Purse and Handbag Cleaning and Repair

Whether it’s a designer purse, small wallet, travel bag or backpack, Love Your Leather specializes in purse cleaning and purse repair services in Toronto and surrounding areas, we will professionally deep clean or repair any rips or tears on your beloved bag.

Shoes, Boots, Gloves and Hat Cleaning and Repair

Love Your Leather can professionally clean and repair footwear, handwear, headwear, gloves, and hats. From fur gloves to baseball caps, suede or leather brimmed hats, and western hats to UGG Boots, we’ll have your accessories in tip-top shape!

shoes boots gloves hats cleaning repair toronto
Wedding Formal Gown Cleaning Preservation Repair Toronto

Wedding & Formal Gown Cleaning, Preservation, and Repair

Remember your special day forever with our Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation service. We additionally offer Beaded Gowns and Fancy Clothing cleaning, repair, and preservation services. Savor these happy memories for a lifetime!

Leather Furniture Cleaning

Love Your Leather has the largest leather furniture cleaning facility in Toronto. We have been cleaning and repairing leather furniture products since 1987 throughout Toronto.

leather furniture cleaning in toronto
hockey equipment cleaning repair toronto

Hockey Equipment Cleaning and Repair

We love hockey. It is Canada’s national sport, after all.  However, hockey bags, hockey pads and, goalie Equipment tend to get very dirty and smelly. We’ll professionally clean your hockey equipment so you can get back out on the ice feeling, looking and smelling fresh and ready to play!

Cleaning and Repair of Home Goods

Get your home goods professionally cleaned by Love Your Leather for a beautiful, fresh, and welcoming home. We clean and repair the following items:

cleaning and repair of home goods toronto
area rug cleaning and repair toronto

Area Rug Cleaning and Repair

It’s essential to have your area rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year to get rid of harmful bacteria and allergens. We specialize in the following services:

We can additionally repair any wear and tear your area rugs have gotten over the years.


Read What Our Customers Are Saying

35 reviews

Norm Swaebe

2 months ago
Love Your Leather was given my 18 year old motorcycle jacket to clean & restore, the collar was worn out in places and the leather cuffs had worn through, their communication and caring service was exemplary, would definitely use them in the future and would not hesitate to recommend this place to m...

EveLynne C.

4 months ago
I have now had 2 pieces of leather clothing updated and tailored to fit me now. Anna Maria did an amazing job and is very knowledgeable . Thank you very much!

Lois Wilbee

4 months ago
Our leather ottoman was stained with water from an air conditioning company that came to clean our air conditioner. It took the colour right off the top of the ottoman. Tony phoned & was very sceptical about the outcome. It was delivered today & it looks like new. Thank you Tony for your profes...

pilli maggi hejazi

11 months ago
My Parajumper leather jacket had a hole right at the front . I contacted them and they came with two options which I picked changing the whole panel. They picked the closest leather ( colour and quality) and fixed it . I can’t even say what panel was changed 🙂 They did such a wonderful job . I...