Suede Cleaning Toronto

Suede Cleaning Toronto
Unbeatable Suede Cleaning Prices

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Check out our transparent and affordable prices for suede repair and make your payment online. There are no hidden fees or charges.

Suede Repair Toronto

Suede Repair
in Toronto

Since 1987, we have offered suede repair and suede cleaning in Toronto. We can repair rips, tears and zippers, re-line and re-dye your leather & do much more.
Free Pickup And Delivery

FREE Pickup
& Delivery

Check out our transparent and affordable prices for suede repair and make your payment online. There are no hidden fees or charges.

Suede Cleaning, Restoration, and Repair Services

As professional suede cleaners, we know that three significant factors have kept our customers coming back to us since 1987: quality, price, and service.

We specialize in the following services:

Bring us your faded, torn, or damaged suede shoes, suede handbags, jackets or furniture, and we’ll give them a complete makeover. See for yourself the magic that our suede repair experts can work on your precious suede goods.
Suede Cleaning Service
Quality Suede Cleaning Toronto

Quality Suede Cleaning Toronto

The garments you entrust to us will be treated with the respect they deserve. The excellent system we use effectively removes all types of stains, making it an ideal choice for traditional suede cleaning. Our services also include waterproofing, so you do not have to worry about your suede garments getting wet after the treatment.

Affordable Professional Suede Cleaners

We take pride in giving our customers the best possible value for their money. Our prices are low, but that doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality. We know how hard it is to find affordable, quality suede cleaning in Toronto. We’ve invested time and money into building Ontario’s largest suede cleaning and repair facility, spread over 10,000 sqft of space. Our scale allows us to keep our costs low, and we pass these benefits on to our customers. Our suede cleaners deliver exceptional cleaning, suede repair, and suede restoration services every single day.

Affordable Professional Suede Cleaners Toronto
Unparalleled Suede Cleaning Service Toronto

Unparalleled Suede Cleaning Service

Our well-trained and experienced staff help us maintain our ranking as one of Toronto’s best suede cleaning companies. You can expect outstanding customer service from us!

When you bring your suede to us, we will inspect it to determine the most appropriate cleaning method. We’ll choose the most optimum method to ensure that your suede lasts longer.

Why Choose Love Your Leather In Toronto

Why Choose Love Your Leather?

Our professionals from Love Your Leather specialize in suede cleaning in Toronto. From minor stains to major discoloration, we will rejuvenate your suede to as good as new.

We also offer services for suede repair, suede restoration and alteration. Our experts have the knowledge and skills needed to restore leather items that have been neglected for a long period of time – providing you with a beautiful restoration that is worthy of you!

We use eco-friendly cleaning methods so you can rest assured that no harsh chemicals are used on your things!

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee and free curbside pickup and delivery, your pristine suede garments are no more than an easy phone call or a few clicks away.

Environmentally Conscious Suede Cleaning in Toronto

We all know the environment is in trouble. That’s why we at Love Your Leather have taken it upon ourselves to be eco-friendly suede cleaners within the chemical-filled dry cleaning industry. Other suede leather cleaners in Toronto use toxic chemicals like Perchloroethylene, which have been linked to cancer and reproductive health problems.

At Love Your Leather, we believe it’s our job to serve the individuals and companies coming to us with environmentally friendly products. We only use sustainable products and energy-efficient facilities, reducing our carbon footprint across every aspect of our business!

Environmentally Conscious Suede Cleaning Toronto

Canada's Leader in Quality Suede Cleaning & Repairs

Complete Suede Restoration, Suede Alterations, and Suede Dyeing.

Suede Jacket Cleaning Service

Suede Jacket Cleaning

Get your favourite coat back in fighting shape. We specialize in cleaning some of the biggest brands, including Canada Goose, Mackage, Rudsak, Danier Leather, Chris Collection, Nobis, Parajumper and Moose Knuckles. We can revive your suede garment so it looks as good as new, no matter how worn out or dirty.

Suede Purse Cleaning Service

Suede Purse & Handbag Cleaning

Love Your Leather is an industry leader in cleaning and repairing designer handbag brands, including Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Alexander McQueen, Kate Spade, Fendi, Christian Dior, Fossil Roots, Telfar, Balenciaga. We offer on-site services for your convenience at any time!

Suede Boot & Shoe Cleaning Service

Suede Boot & Shoe Cleaning

From the moment you walk through our doors, we will treat your shoes like VIPs! From colour matching, suede restoration and suede repair to stain removal, Love Your Leather offers great rates for professional shoe cleaning, UGG boot cleaning, designer shoe cleaning and suede boots cleaning.

Suede Repair Service Ontario

Suede Repair Ontario

We specialize in:

  • Zipper repair and replacement
  • Suede jacket repair
  • Faded suede repair
  • Suede restoration and re-dyeing
  • Lining repair and replacement
  • Leather tears, rips, and scratches
  • Suede alterations in Toronto

Suede Upholstery Cleaning Service

Suede Upholstery Cleaning

We offer the highest standard of suede upholstery restoration and repair in Canada. We can restore your worn-out, cracked, and dried leather upholstery so you can keep using it for years. We’ll also bring your suede sofas back to life using Love Your Leather's professional suede restoration and dyeing services.

Sports Equipment Cleaning Service

Sports Equipment Cleaning

At Love Your Leather, we specialize in offering top-quality sports equipment cleaning services. We guarantee complete bacterial, viral, and fungal elimination every time to ensure your favourite possessions are always pristine and ready to use. Our speedy 1 to 2-day delivery will have you back on the ice or field ASAP.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying

Genuine Suede Repair & Suede Cleaning Toronto Reviews

36 reviews

Patricia Gibbs

1 month ago
I took my sheepskin coat to Love Your Leather to have it shortened about 5 inches. There was a beautiful ornate design at the hem line (about 2" square). I thought I was going to lose it, but the tailor said she could save it. The coat was delivered today and it is perfect. Many thanks to th...

Norm Swaebe

4 months ago
Love Your Leather was given my 18 year old motorcycle jacket to clean & restore, the collar was worn out in places and the leather cuffs had worn through, their communication and caring service was exemplary, would definitely use them in the future and would not hesitate to recommend this place to m...

EveLynne C.

5 months ago
I have now had 2 pieces of leather clothing updated and tailored to fit me now. Anna Maria did an amazing job and is very knowledgeable . Thank you very much!

Lois Wilbee

6 months ago
Our leather ottoman was stained with water from an air conditioning company that came to clean our air conditioner. It took the colour right off the top of the ottoman. Tony phoned & was very sceptical about the outcome. It was delivered today & it looks like new. Thank you Tony for your profes...


Suede Cleaning, Repair, Rejuvenation, and Alteration Portfolio

Love Your Leather has been an established suede cleaning and repair company since 1987. We’re proud to say that nobody else in Canada can match the expertise of our specialists. Our facilities are now open for everyone with no middleman costs or commissions. Here’s a look at some of our work.

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 A clean leather jacket is a happy one. With our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced technicians, you’ll be able to enjoy your old suede garments again

Suede Coat Money Back Guarantee Toronto

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Love your Leather, we are proud to offer the best professional suede cleaning services in Canada. We offer all customers who purchase our suede cleaning services a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with how we repair or clean your suede items, we will re-service them again for FREE.

Suede Cleaning Pickup-Delivery Service

Providing Pickup & Delivery Services in Southern Ontario

We offer our leather cleaning services across Canada from our location in Etobicoke, Ontario. If you’d rather not drive to our cleaning facility, you can ship your items to us. We will clean them and return them within fourteen days. We are also happy to pick up your leather items from your location. 

Our pick-up and delivery locations across Southern Ontario are listed below:

Leather Cleaning
Leather Cleaning & Repair
Leather Cleaning & Repair
Leather Cleaning & Repair
Leather Cleaning & Repair
Leather Cleaning & Repair
Leather Cleaning & Repair
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North York
Leather Cleaning & Repair
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Leather Cleaning & Repair
Richmond Hill
Leather Cleaning & Repair
Leather Cleaning & Repair
Stoney Creek
Leather Cleaning & Repair
Leather Cleaning & Repair
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