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Jacket Cleaning/Repair Price

Since we wear Canada Goose coats on an everyday basis for months on end, it’s crucial to have them professionally cleaned and repaired. View our prices online now and schedule your pickup today.

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100% Coat Cleaning & Repair
Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve professionally cleaned and repaired thousands of Canada Goose jackets. We’re so confident in our services that If you’re not satisfied with the state of your winter coat, we’ll re-service it free of charge.

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FREE Canada Goose Cleaning &
Repair Pickup & Delivery

If you’re located in Southern Ontario, we’ll pick up your Canada Goose jacket and deliver it back to you dry-cleaned and/or repaired at no additional cost. Book a time for a free coat pickup today

The Largest Leather Repair Facility in Toronto

Canada Goose™ Jacket Cleaning & Repairs

With over 30 years of jacket cleaning & restoration experience Love Your Leather is able to restore Canada Goose jackets and coats to their original look and feel.

Our cleaning and repair procedures are gentle to Canada Goose fabrics and materials, ensuring no damage, fading, or shrinking occurs.

Our detergents are specially blended for Canada Goose jackets and coats, ensuring a thorough removal of stains, odors, and bacteria.

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Canada Goose Coat Cleaning

Why Choose Us?

  1. We have vast experience cleaning and repairing Canada Goose jackets and coats.
  2. We ensure the complete removal of stains, odors viruses, and bacteria.
  3. We inspect each Canada Goose coat and jacket to ensure all bases are covered and thorough cleaning is implemented for optimal results.
  4. These luxurious coats and jackets require special care, specially blended detergents, and advanced cleaning technologies which Love Your Leather has perfected since 1987.
  5. We offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee on all our Canada Goose cleaning and alterations services.
  6. We offer the lowest prices on Canada Goose jacket cleaning and repair services in Toronto and Southern Ontario.

Stay Cosy And Clean This Winter Season...

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Canada Goose™ Coat and Jacket Alterations Services


Read What Our Customers Are Saying

36 reviews

Patricia Gibbs

1 month ago
I took my sheepskin coat to Love Your Leather to have it shortened about 5 inches. There was a beautiful ornate design at the hem line (about 2" square). I thought I was going to lose it, but the tailor said she could save it. The coat was delivered today and it is perfect. Many thanks to th...

Norm Swaebe

4 months ago
Love Your Leather was given my 18 year old motorcycle jacket to clean & restore, the collar was worn out in places and the leather cuffs had worn through, their communication and caring service was exemplary, would definitely use them in the future and would not hesitate to recommend this place to m...

EveLynne C.

5 months ago
I have now had 2 pieces of leather clothing updated and tailored to fit me now. Anna Maria did an amazing job and is very knowledgeable . Thank you very much!

Lois Wilbee

6 months ago
Our leather ottoman was stained with water from an air conditioning company that came to clean our air conditioner. It took the colour right off the top of the ottoman. Tony phoned & was very sceptical about the outcome. It was delivered today & it looks like new. Thank you Tony for your profes...
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Leather Cleaning And Restoration

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

At Love your Leather we are proud to offer the best professional Canada Goose™ coat cleaning services in Canada. We offer all customers who purchase our leather cleaning services a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the way we repair or clean your Canada Goose™ coat items we reservice your jacket for free.

We believe this guarantee is what differentiates Love Your Leather from other leather cleaners in Toronto and Southern Ontario. We are confident that we will do an excellent job and that you will be 100% satisfied.

We Are Environmentally Conscious

With over 30 years of experience cleaning and repairing high-end coats, Love Your Leather has the necessary knowledge and skills to properly care for your beloved Canada Goose™ jacket. We understand how special a Canada Goose™ coat is to you and we take every step possible to ensure that no damage is done to your jacket during our cleaning and/or repair process.

If there is anyone that can fix your Canada Goose™ coat it is the Love Your Leather team! We use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, combined with our expertise and specially formulated, eco-friendly detergents to ensure your jacket receives the deep clean it deserves without any shrinkage or fading.

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Canada Goose™ Jacket Pickup-Delivery Service

Canada Goose™Jacket Pickup-Delivery Service

Love Your Leather offers convenient pickup and delivery of Canada Goose jacket and coat cleaning services anywhere in Southern Ontario including the following cities:

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North York
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