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How Are Designer Bags Professionally Restored?

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally come. You’ve saved up your hard-earned money for months and are finally able to afford the luxury handbag of your dreams. Designed by your favourite fashion house, whether it’s Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi or Dior, this luxury purse is finally yours. The salesperson puts it in the dust bag, puts it in the box, then the shopping bag, and then hands it to you.

Now, what?

You may be tempted to keep this new prized possession of yours in the box and dust bag in the back of your closet. You say to yourself, “I’ll only handle this with white gloves and bring this out with me on special occasions.” We’re telling you to throw caution to the wind and use your beloved designer bag every day. You worked hard to be able to afford this handbag, so why not show it off!

“What about the wear and tear?” You may be thinking. We’re here to tell you if you need professional purse cleaning or purse repair in Toronto. We’ve got you covered.

For your peace of mind, here’s how we professionally restore designer bags at Love Your Leather.

Repair and Replacement

Oh no, your zipper is sticking, or your purse strap is fraying. Don’t worry! Love Your Leather is able to repair all the parts of your purse. We specialize in the repair of the following components:

  • Lining, Handle and Trims
  • Buckles, Zippers and Other Hardware

If we work our magic and are unable to reverse the damage or the damage is beyond repair, we can replace the part. We have replacement zippers for the majority of designer handbags, and we can colour and material match straps, handles, lining or trims. We can also shorten or lengthen straps if you dislike the way your handbag hangs off your body. We will help you get the most of your designer handbag.

purse zipper


  • Has your purse faded due to years of use?
  • Did you accidentally spill oil on your purse’s exterior?
  • Do you want to update an old purse by giving it a new, trendier colour?

If you’ve answered any of the above questions with a yes, you’re in the right place! Love Your Leather specializes in the following purse restoration techniques:

  • Dye-Transfer Restoration
  • Colour Restoration and Revival
  • Colour Change

We have hundreds of dyes for an assortment of purse materials that we can use to revive or change your purse’s colour or do damage control for stains on the exterior. We never recommend dyeing your purse at home as it can cause damage beyond repair. For professional purse dyeing in Toronto, the handbag repair experts at Love Your Leather will breathe new life into your designer handbag.

colorful purses

Purse Cleaning in Toronto

We all know the feeling. You open your purse to discover a pen has exploded, a drink can has opened, or your lipstick has smudged on the lining. Take a deep breath, and then give us a call. We’ll help you avoid a handbag catastrophe with our professional handbag cleaning in Toronto.

At Love Your Leather, we offer the following:

  • Mould and odour removal
  • Exterior Purse Care
  • Interior Purse Care
  • Handbag Ink Removal
  • & More!
spill in purse

How to Prevent Damage to Your Designer Handbag

Now that you know what we can do for you and your luxury purse at Love Your Leather, here are some tips to prevent you from causing any damage to your precious handbag:

  • When not in use, never hang your purse by its straps on handles because it will stretch them out. Instead, store it on a shelf. If it doesn’t stand up by itself, stuff it with tissue paper.
  • Place all items that can potentially stain like perfume, cosmetics or pens in a separate zipped bag before putting them in your purse.
  • Never over-stuff your purse. If you notice the zipper is struggling to close, don’t force it. Take some items out or use a different bag.
  • Get your purse professionally stain proofed. Love Your Leather offers stain proof handbag treatment to help prevent future damage.
purses stored properly on shelf

To keep your designer handbag looking and feeling brand new, contact Love Your Leather. We offer industry-leading purse cleaning and handbag repair in Toronto. Get a FREE online purse cleaning quote here. If you live in Southern Ontario, we offer free pickup and delivery on orders over $75! You don’t have to lift a finger; we’ll grab your damaged purse and bring it back to you in mint condition.

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1 (877) 588-8784 Get Instant Quote
1 (877) 588-8784 Get Instant Quote