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Why a Leather Wallet is Non-Negotiable

Trends come and go, particularly when it comes to fashion. In recent years, we’ve seen all kinds of alternative materials – from paper to plastic – be used for creating accessories. The paper, plastic and other strange material trend hasn’t overlooked wallets either, and there have been lots of options to choose from. But the material that continues to endure, both for its style and stamina, is classic leather. What you’ll usually find is that other types of materials quickly disintegrate – even imitation leather that claims to have durability.

When you’re keeping valuable items, like identification, payment cards and cash, safe, you always want to make sure that the accessory you’re using isn’t going to fall apart. Additionally, when you purchase a genuine leather item, you’ll be guaranteed to be able to use it for years to come, which will likely save you money in the long run. What’s more, leather has a timeless quality that lends itself to creating stylish items that will still appeal to you long after your initial purchase.

Below, find our reasons for why we believe using a leather wallet to keep your cards and cash safe is non-negotiable.

Leather wallet isolated on background

  1. Endurance

Leather is a material that’s made to last. Whether it’s being used to craft furniture or fashion items, the goods it’s used to create stand the test of time. A leather wallet is no exception – investing in a good one means you’ll have an item that will be just as useful years down the road as it is the day you buy it. As noted above, this is a particularly necessary feature of any wallet, as you use this item to carry some of your most valuable possessions with you everywhere – it has to be a piece that you can rely on.

What’s more, even as leather starts to wear in, it can take on an even better quality than when it was new. Who doesn’t love a leather jacket after a few years of wear? The longer you use it, your leather wallet will build character and take on a new, unique look as it ages.

Blue clutch bag

  1. Style

Speaking of endurance, leather is one of the best materials to purchase when it comes to the style of your fashion accessories, as leather goods have been popular quite literally for centuries. Buying a leather wallet ensures that the piece you’ve chosen will continue to be stylish for years, a fact that’s been proven by the many decades that leather accessories have been in fashion.

Materials like vinyl, pleather and canvas have all had their moments in the trendy accessory space in recent decades, but the one material that has been a mainstay throughout is leather. Since it comes in such a wide array of colours and types – from pebbled, to smooth and more – it’s possible to find the wallet suits you best, and that will stick with you through different seasons in your wardrobe.

  1. Re-Sale Value

This reason for buying a leather wallet applies to luxury goods, but it can also apply if you’re selling your mid-market brand wallet on consignment as well.

Real leather will maintain value in a far greater way than other materials. While it’s possible to buy luxury handbags and wallets in alternative materials, the ones that will be able to withstand regular use and still look good for resale are those made of leather. If you’re planning to invest in an accessory, with the idea that you might sell it later to fund a different purchase, leather is the way to go. These goods will always be scooped up by re-sellers or buyers of used fashion items long before an accessory made from another material.

Closeup stylish handmade brown leather wallet

  1. Repairability

One major upside that leather has going for it is that it can often be restored to its former glory after wear and tear. Canvas and other less durable materials can make wallet repairs difficult if there’s been a tear, especially when it comes to replacing a zipper or fixing a pocket. These goods usually aren’t salvageable once they’ve been damaged. Leather goods, on the other hand, take well to repairs, whether it be replacing a strap, button or zipper, or fixing scratches and tears. Leather is also a material that can be successfully cleaned in many cases, and restored to the way it looked when it was brand new. For examples, you should check out our case studies page, where we show off some of the products we’ve been able to renew for our clients.

coin purse

  1. Versatility

With the right style, your leather wallet can be used as a multi-purpose accessory, and not just as the place you store your cards and cash. Many styles are now on the market that double as evening clutches, and some leather wallets even come with small straps so that they can be worn as purses, meaning you can go hands-free for a night out. When looking for a leather wallet to purchase, keep an eye out for wallets that have had luxe treatments, like an extra sheen or quilted pattern. These elevated takes on the leather wallet will make them more evening-friendly, and you can use them as your only accessory for an event or special occasion.

Ladies Clutch Purse Hand Bag on White Background

Love Your Leather

Remember that for any of your cleaning or repair needs, be it a wallet or another leather accessory, Love Your Leather is here for any kind of service your leather goods may require. We take care of both repairs and cleaning so that you can get as much use out of your leather accessories as possible. If you have any questions about whether your item is cleanable or repairable, you can always send us an email with photos for assessment before bringing it in for service. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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