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Handbag & Purse Repair in Southern Ontario

Purse Repair Price Toronto

Honest Purse Repair Price

Our purse repair specialists have been repairing luxury purses since 1987. We can restore your favourite purse at a reasonable cost. No surprises, no hidden fees.

Purse Repair Satisfaction Guarantee Toronto

100% Satisfaction

We’re so confident about the quality of our purse and handbag repair that we’ll rework your piece if you’re unhappy with our work. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Free Purse Repair Pickup And Delivery Toronto

FREE Pickup & Delivery

We provide free curbside collection and delivery for purse and handbag repair as well as handbag and purse cleaning. Schedule a time, and we’ll meet you there.

Designer Purse Repair Services

Whether your purse requires strap replacement, colour restoration, dye-transfer retouching, or anything in between, we can help.  We’ve been repairing designer purses for customers across Canada for nearly three decades. We understand the sentiments behind a cherished designer purse, and our leather repair purse repair uses cutting-edge technologies for excellent outcomes.

Our purse strap replacement and handbag strap replacement are among our most popular services. We offer great matches that coordinate well with your handbag or purse.

Designer Purse Repair Services Toronto
Purse Repair Cost In Toronto

How Much Will Purse Repair Cost?

Our purse and handbag repair services are pocket-friendly! If you would like us to revive your purse or handbag, please send it to us. We will thoroughly clean your leather or fabric purse both inside and out, removing even the toughest stains and restoring the leather’s flexibility.

Handbag and Purse Repair from Love Your Leather

Lining Replacement For Purses and Handbags in Toronto

Lining Replacement for Purses and Handbags

The interior of your purse or handbag is susceptible to stains such as ink, gum, and grease. You can rely on Love Your Leather to meet all of your purse or bag repair needs. We use tried and tested methods to make your purse's interior look as good as new without damaging the material.

Repair Purse Handles Straps And Trims In Toronto

Repair Purse Handles, Straps and Trims

If your favourite purse or handbag needs a makeover, you are in good hands. Love Your Leather can repair damaged trims, handles, straps, and piping. We also repair buckles and zippers. Find the perfect hardware for your purse or handbag among our curated selection.

Purse Dye-Transfer Restoration in Toronto

Purse Dye-Transfer Restoration

Dye transfer is a common problem with many purses and handbags. Often, discarding the purse could seem like your only option. If you’ve been worrying about dye transfer, look us up. Our specialists at Love Your Leather know exactly how to remove the dye without damaging the leather.

Colour Restorations for Purses in Toronto

Colour Restorations for Purses

Love Your Leather can colour match even the smallest discolourations on your purse. Your purse will be colour-matched and given a spa-like treatment to restore its original colour. Whether your purse is faded or suffers from scratches, stains, and other visible damage, we can help!

Handbag Colour Change in Toronto

Handbag Colour Change

If you're tired of using the same purse but aren't ready to part with it yet, our colour change service could be just what you need! You can completely transform the appearance of your purse without splurging! After inspecting your purse (leather type and general condition, including lining and zips), we will provide you with a quotation.

Stain Proofing For Purses And Bags In Toronto

Stain Proofing for Purses and Bags

Clients bringing their designer purses to us can benefit from our stain-proof purse treatment. This treatment helps protect your purse from staining soon after the treatment. Our special chemicals will coat your designer purse and ward off stains. Since the effect wears off with time, make sure you repeat the treatment for a long-lasting efficacy.

Ink Removal from Bags in Toronto

Ink Removal from Bags

Finding an ink stain on your purse can be upsetting. Fortunately, we have a purse cleaning method that can remove ink stains from all types of leather, suede, and fabric purses. This service varies in price depending on the extent of the damage.

Mould & Odour Removal from Bags in Toronto

Mould & Odour Removal from Bags

The moment you discover mould in your purse, you should act right away, as this can severely damage it. At Love Your Leather, we have the necessary knowledge and cleaning products to remove mould and foul odours from your purse.


Read What Our Customers Say About Us

40 reviews
1 month ago
I made the mistake of trying to dye my leather Gucci purse. Needless to say it didn’t turn out well. Love your leather took my bag in and fixed my mistake. I am beyond happy. So very thankful ☺️. This company goes above and beyond!
2 months ago
I've used Love Your Leather for cleaning and re-conditioning two leather coats as well as their hockey equipment cleaning and sanitizing service. Their quality and customer service levels are the not only at the top of their industry but any company I have ever dealt with. Fantastic - thank you!
3 months ago
I cannot believe how great my leather coat looks. It had a rip, and was quite faded with age. I was delighted with the result! Looks like new, and cannot even notice the repaired rip. Also, can’t beat that they picked it up, AND dropped off at my home in Brockville!
5 months ago
My well-worn leather coat was showing its age with scratches and colour fade that made it look old and tired. I’m a handy guy and like saving money, so I investigated what it would take to restore the coat myself. By the time I bought enough leather deglazer, dye, resolene, sponges and applicato...

Types of Purses We Repair

We can service purses made from many different types of material. We offer:

Types of Purses We Repair​ in Toronto
Designer Purse Brands We Repair In Toronto

Designer Purse Brands We Repair


Offering Three Convenient Service Delivery Options

We offer 3 convenient delivery options to serve you better.

Option 1

You Drop Off

loveyourleather delivery option 1 you drop off
Option 2

We Pickup

loveyourleather delivery option 2 we pickup
Option 3

You Ship To Us

loveyourleather delivery option 3 you ship to us

Pickup-Delivery Service

Here are our weekly pick-up locations across Southern Ontario:

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Leather Cleaning & Repair
Leather Cleaning & Repair
Purse Repair Money Back Guarantee Toronto


Guaranteed 100% Customer Satisfaction

We are delighted to provide the finest professional purse repair services in Toronto and almost all other cities in Ontario. We give all clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you are unhappy with the way your purse was repaired, we will reservice it for free.

This guarantee sets Love Your Leather apart from all other purse and handbag repair businesses in Southern Ontario. We believe in our execution and our ability to keep our customers satisfied.

We’re Environment-Friendly

Love Your Leather has over three decades of experience repairing high-end purses. We realise how important your purse is to you and we take every precaution to avoid damaging it throughout the cleaning and/or repair procedure.

We employ state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, and carefully picked, eco-friendly detergents to thoroughly clean your purse without causing it to shrink or fade.

Eco Friendly Purse Repair Since 1987
1 (877) 588-8784 Get Instant Quote
1 (877) 588-8784 Get Instant Quote