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Benefits of Owning Leather Shoes

Your shoe collection can say a lot about you. Some women prefer to strictly wear heels, and love the air of confidence they feel when doing so. Other people are all about comfort and will sacrifice on aesthetics to find

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The Low Down on Leather Sustainability

Vegan fashion is in nowadays and buying animal-based products has become a hot topic. The fur industry is a frequent target of animal rights protestors, and even though leather clothing hasn’t been hit as hard people are still raising ethical

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Top Five Causes of Leather Wear and Tear

Almost everyone has a statement leather piece they absolutely love to wear in their closet, whether that be a leather coat, leather pants, or any other fashionable piece made from this versatile fabric. Leather is a timeless material that pairs

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Top Leather Jacket Styles for Spring

Spring is finally here. You know what that means – it’s time to put away your dingy winter coat and let your leather jackets finally see the light. There’s nothing that can make you feel more stylish or cool than

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Why a Leather Wallet is the Right Choice

In the realm of accessories, there are seemingly limitless options that you can choose from to kick your outfit up a notch. From stunning leather purses, to soft and vibrant pashminas, to vivacious patent leather heels ­– the possibilities are

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How Leather Clothing is Made

Our fashion sense, the clothes we wear, have a profound impact on how others perceive us. We all know it’s true. From the kooky librarian wearing fun chunky earrings with her colourful dress, to the sophisticated businessman in a tailored

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Top Leather Shoe Styles to Wear to Work

Isn’t there just something so … extra about slipping on a pair of genuine leather shoes? Whether it’s an elegant stiletto or classic loafer, adding a high-quality leather shoe to your work wardrobe definitely steps up your 9-5 style game.

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How To Make Your Leather Last

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of rich, smooth, luxurious looking leather. Whether it’s a pair of boots, an opulent couch or a classic motorcycle jacket, good leather is an investment and should be treated that way. When

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How to Make your Suede Last All Winter

Suede footwear is a major trend every fall or winter season but it can be very difficult to protect the fabric from the elements. Rain, ice, snow, slush and the dreaded salt used to de-ice sidewalks are not friendly to

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Top Leather Boot Styles for Fall/Winter Season

Winter is coming and it’s important to protect your feet accordingly. Winter boots are often considered clunky and unattractive but it is possible to sport weather appropriate footwear while remaining stylish. Leather boots are both practical and fashionable. You shouldn’t

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